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It was an expensive one. And the claim on the bottle that says it’s the smallest distillery in Scotland. I bought it. According to the general ranking it was not bad but once I opened the bottle it was disappointing. 40% alcohol and the whisky with the claim of aging for 10 years smelled nothing. 🙂 No odder I noticed. It’s more like vodka.

Anyway, I went online and found this is not just me that is disappointed for this 40% 10y old.

I just say, it’s palatable in taste but no special nosing or tasting character. It’s smooth and has a good finishing but it’s not developed. Similar to uncooked frigid food.

Anyway without any more explanation I give it 60% out of 100%. DONT try it.


Edradour 40% 5cl 10y




It’s an Islay whiskey. It’s very nice to have an OB of it. That’s right it’s original bottling but in 5cl ! It’s great.

Bruichladdich 46% 3D3 7y 5cl

But what’s online:

Nose: Peat and organics. Not especially powerful. Seems to open up a little bit with time. Yes it does.
Lovely nose. Light and farmy. Sweet. Quite grainy with the faintest hint of peat. Grows on me.
Taste: Peaty start, but it flattens out quickly. A little dry and sombre with a hint of liquorice in the finish.
Score: 84 points – A good peaty whisky, but it seems to lack the depth and complexity of some others.My nose and taste:

– first it’s peaty but not bad peaty. It’s smokey and peaty that is mixed good to the taste.

– it’s smooth and refreshing not bitter at all.

– it’s strong 46% but not water needed do you believe me! I just added one drop to open it up.

– it’s not so fruity but the taste of vanilla and lime.

– not bitter it’s smooth

– coffee is smelled

– not oily so much

– without not color added but strong

– it’s hot and nice finishing and last long due to peat

– I recommend adding it to some bourbon it makes it perfect 🙂 if you add it to bourbon I say it is 1 % upper than what I give in the next point

– I give it 94% out of 100%


It’s 12y Glenfiddich. It seems good in the first glance.

Glenfiddich 40% 5cl 12y


Nose: Malty and spicy. That’s about all there is to tell. A very decent malt that lacks some personality.
During a second glass it seemed a tad grainier in the nose. Then sweeter notes emerged. Malty.
Taste: Soft and smooth. Once again there isn’t much more to tell. Decidedly average, but good whisky.
I was inclined to increase my score by a few points based on the nose, but the palate kept it at 75 points.
Score: 75 points – MOTR. The most remarkable thing I can mention is that it’s so unremarkable..

– fruity, not alcohol noticed in first impression.

– it’s a little oaky and peaty

– a little oily but not so much

– but it’s good in nose in general pleasant

–  smooth not bitter so much it’s much better than Scapa, Spyburn and even  Tomnavoulin in taste.

– but  a little peat makes it better.

– 3 drops of water are good to open it up.

– give it time

– but not a complex whiskey. it’s simple

– not oily

– in taste just lime

– not bad but not very good so 86% out of 100 % is good for this.

It’s an old version of Tamnavulin. A Speyside product. At first glance the natural color and no chill filtering are significant factors.

Tamnavulin 43% 5cl 1990

But what’s online about it:

nose: Grainy. Beer-like nose prickle. Old dish water? Not a lot going on beneath the surface.
Taste: Quite flat and superficial. As a whisky, it’s just fine, but it didn’t really excite me.

What I get:


Nose and taste:

– it’s 43% but the first impression is good.

– it’s old and it’s clear from the nose.

– put a cap on it and leave it for some minute.

– vanila

– two drops of water

– peper

– special

– feels like sore bitterness

– lime at the end

-good hot

– strong

– not oily bitter but not bad bitter like Scapa or Spyburn but it’s close to them. it’s a better version I believe.

– it’s hot like Vodka similar to Springbank

– I like it not bad but it’s a little far from Isle of Jora

– no trace of peat or trace of oak it’s a pity. but with some drop of water wood is somehow gets in sense.

– but I don’t give it more than 83% out of 100%.


Isle of Jura

It’s a highland whiskey, typical of this region. It’s heavy, not very peated but it’s smokey and oily. It’s a nice strong whiskey. Very nice nose. I like it.

Isle of Jura 43% 5cl ‘Superstition’


Nose: An odd mixture of subtle smoke, organics and olive oil. Some spices too. Steamed beef? Hint of rubber?
Not as expressive as more heavily peated malts, but it’s actually quite complex. Nice development over time.
Taste: Very subtle and unique peat on a medium sweet centre. Touches of smoke and liquorice in the finish.
Sweetish with a touch of aniseed. It doesn’t evolve much beyond that. Well, no problem; it’s a nice malt.
Score: 81 points – wow, this expression has improved tremendously in recent years. Great job, Jurians!

Nose and taste:

– peaty, smokey,

– nice oily odder

– good color but seems to add E150 a

– chill filtered but peat is good, not so much but good

– a little water is good for this

– good finish

– good taste

– I like it, strong and good

– not fruity

– but trace of oak and fresh wood in it

– lovely not comparable to Scoba and Speyburn 🙂 I did before.

– I give it 94% out of 100%


This whiskey is more or less similar to Scapa. The difference is this needs more water. It’s more bitter and it is not as complex as scapa. In general it’s Ballentine.

Spyburn 10y 40% 5cl

It’s surely bourbon material. And it’s young as well.


Nose: Light and very slightly fruity start. Hint of something ‘veggy’ as well. The fruit vanishes over time.
Taste: Soft start. Malt. Medium sweet. The style somehow reminds me of the current Scapa 16yo. Bitter finish.
Score: 74 points – I’m not quite as impressed as I was with a batch from +/- two years ago. Too bad..

My nose & taste:

– apple

– boubon

– not smokey

– not sweet

– not complex

– bitter in taste

– a lot water to open up

– then lime and oak is clear

– not good finish and palate

– bitter

– 75% out of 100%

– not recommended


Scapa which is mostly used in Ballentine blended whiskey is exceptionally using bourbon barrels for maturation. So, the bourbon taste is dominant in this brand.

The taste is bitter, not so much fruity and really Ballentine is coming in mind.

Scapa 43% 2000 5cl


Nose: Very mellow at first, growing spicier. Hey, now I get lots of liquorice root. Dusty.
Slightly ‘farmy’ with mild organics. Quite restrained, but I have to admit I still like it!
Taste: Soft and sweet. More powerful and a little gritty in the centre. Medium finish.
It doesn’t perform too bad on the palate, but it’s not worthy of a ‘recommendable’ score.
Score: 78 points – but based on the fun nose I could have gone for the lower 80’s.

My nose and taste:

– not fruity, just a little apple,

– bourbon

– not peaty

– a little smoke

– not sweat but good on palate

– bitter

– some water is needed not so much

– a little oak smell when added water

– general 78% is fair out of 100%

– not recommended.


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