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It’s an Islay whiskey. It’s very nice to have an OB of it. That’s right it’s original bottling but in 5cl ! It’s great.

Bruichladdich 46% 3D3 7y 5cl

But what’s online:

Nose: Peat and organics. Not especially powerful. Seems to open up a little bit with time. Yes it does.
Lovely nose. Light and farmy. Sweet. Quite grainy with the faintest hint of peat. Grows on me.
Taste: Peaty start, but it flattens out quickly. A little dry and sombre with a hint of liquorice in the finish.
Score: 84 points – A good peaty whisky, but it seems to lack the depth and complexity of some others.My nose and taste:

– first it’s peaty but not bad peaty. It’s smokey and peaty that is mixed good to the taste.

– it’s smooth and refreshing not bitter at all.

– it’s strong 46% but not water needed do you believe me! I just added one drop to open it up.

– it’s not so fruity but the taste of vanilla and lime.

– not bitter it’s smooth

– coffee is smelled

– not oily so much

– without not color added but strong

– it’s hot and nice finishing and last long due to peat

– I recommend adding it to some bourbon it makes it perfect 🙂 if you add it to bourbon I say it is 1 % upper than what I give in the next point

– I give it 94% out of 100%


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