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This whiskey is more or less similar to Scapa. The difference is this needs more water. It’s more bitter and it is not as complex as scapa. In general it’s Ballentine.

Spyburn 10y 40% 5cl

It’s surely bourbon material. And it’s young as well.


Nose: Light and very slightly fruity start. Hint of something ‘veggy’ as well. The fruit vanishes over time.
Taste: Soft start. Malt. Medium sweet. The style somehow reminds me of the current Scapa 16yo. Bitter finish.
Score: 74 points – I’m not quite as impressed as I was with a batch from +/- two years ago. Too bad..

My nose & taste:

– apple

– boubon

– not smokey

– not sweet

– not complex

– bitter in taste

– a lot water to open up

– then lime and oak is clear

– not good finish and palate

– bitter

– 75% out of 100%

– not recommended



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