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Isle of Jura

It’s a highland whiskey, typical of this region. It’s heavy, not very peated but it’s smokey and oily. It’s a nice strong whiskey. Very nice nose. I like it.

Isle of Jura 43% 5cl ‘Superstition’


Nose: An odd mixture of subtle smoke, organics and olive oil. Some spices too. Steamed beef? Hint of rubber?
Not as expressive as more heavily peated malts, but it’s actually quite complex. Nice development over time.
Taste: Very subtle and unique peat on a medium sweet centre. Touches of smoke and liquorice in the finish.
Sweetish with a touch of aniseed. It doesn’t evolve much beyond that. Well, no problem; it’s a nice malt.
Score: 81 points – wow, this expression has improved tremendously in recent years. Great job, Jurians!

Nose and taste:

– peaty, smokey,

– nice oily odder

– good color but seems to add E150 a

– chill filtered but peat is good, not so much but good

– a little water is good for this

– good finish

– good taste

– I like it, strong and good

– not fruity

– but trace of oak and fresh wood in it

– lovely not comparable to Scoba and Speyburn 🙂 I did before.

– I give it 94% out of 100%



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