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It’s an old version of Tamnavulin. A Speyside product. At first glance the natural color and no chill filtering are significant factors.

Tamnavulin 43% 5cl 1990

But what’s online about it:

nose: Grainy. Beer-like nose prickle. Old dish water? Not a lot going on beneath the surface.
Taste: Quite flat and superficial. As a whisky, it’s just fine, but it didn’t really excite me.

What I get:


Nose and taste:

– it’s 43% but the first impression is good.

– it’s old and it’s clear from the nose.

– put a cap on it and leave it for some minute.

– vanila

– two drops of water

– peper

– special

– feels like sore bitterness

– lime at the end

-good hot

– strong

– not oily bitter but not bad bitter like Scapa or Spyburn but it’s close to them. it’s a better version I believe.

– it’s hot like Vodka similar to Springbank

– I like it not bad but it’s a little far from Isle of Jora

– no trace of peat or trace of oak it’s a pity. but with some drop of water wood is somehow gets in sense.

– but I don’t give it more than 83% out of 100%.



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