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Scapa which is mostly used in Ballentine blended whiskey is exceptionally using bourbon barrels for maturation. So, the bourbon taste is dominant in this brand.

The taste is bitter, not so much fruity and really Ballentine is coming in mind.

Scapa 43% 2000 5cl


Nose: Very mellow at first, growing spicier. Hey, now I get lots of liquorice root. Dusty.
Slightly ‘farmy’ with mild organics. Quite restrained, but I have to admit I still like it!
Taste: Soft and sweet. More powerful and a little gritty in the centre. Medium finish.
It doesn’t perform too bad on the palate, but it’s not worthy of a ‘recommendable’ score.
Score: 78 points – but based on the fun nose I could have gone for the lower 80’s.

My nose and taste:

– not fruity, just a little apple,

– bourbon

– not peaty

– a little smoke

– not sweat but good on palate

– bitter

– some water is needed not so much

– a little oak smell when added water

– general 78% is fair out of 100%

– not recommended.



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