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It’s 12y Glenfiddich. It seems good in the first glance.

Glenfiddich 40% 5cl 12y


Nose: Malty and spicy. That’s about all there is to tell. A very decent malt that lacks some personality.
During a second glass it seemed a tad grainier in the nose. Then sweeter notes emerged. Malty.
Taste: Soft and smooth. Once again there isn’t much more to tell. Decidedly average, but good whisky.
I was inclined to increase my score by a few points based on the nose, but the palate kept it at 75 points.
Score: 75 points – MOTR. The most remarkable thing I can mention is that it’s so unremarkable..

– fruity, not alcohol noticed in first impression.

– it’s a little oaky and peaty

– a little oily but not so much

– but it’s good in nose in general pleasant

–  smooth not bitter so much it’s much better than Scapa, Spyburn and even  Tomnavoulin in taste.

– but  a little peat makes it better.

– 3 drops of water are good to open it up.

– give it time

– but not a complex whiskey. it’s simple

– not oily

– in taste just lime

– not bad but not very good so 86% out of 100 % is good for this.


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