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Irish Whiskeys

Here is the list of recommended Irish Whiskeys. The Irish Whiskeys are using malted and non-malted barely so, the taste is different. The profile is different. They are not mostly peated whiskeys but there is one, like Connemara which is peated Irish whiskey.

But the list. Every body knows Jameson is the famous one. It’s the one that is worth trying.

Recommended Irish Whiskeys

The list:

– Bushmills

– Jameson, Jameson Crested Ten

– Redbreast

– Green Spot

– Tyrconnell

– Connemara



It’s an Irish, has different nature. But in Ireland it’s peated not as good as Islay but it’s good in general. it has its own profile.

Cannemara 40% 5cl

– not triple distilled

– peated whiskey

– better than Speyside peated but not better than Laphouig

– honey

– bourbon cast material

– different character in whiskey

– similar to More in Scotch

– but in different profile to Scotch


– a little peated

– strong

– different profile to Scotch

– after a while a little oak odder

– honey


– delicate

– but young young

– strong

– not fruity

– it’s good but not like Scotch

– the finish is a little bitter

– the oak and wood trace in empty glass

– 85% out of 100%

It’s not a very good whiskey. I found average review for it. you can check the following:

You can find it in the picture:

Legiag 5cl 43% 1993


– a little fruity.

– a little vinegar

– no smoke or peat

– no oak trace

– apple

– lime

– a trace of wine

– not complex


– needs some water some drops

–  bitter

– not good at first

– but good finishing

– young whiskey

– not complex at all

– not oak or wood trace

– average 82% of 100%


Based on the web there are some 10 famous whiskeys in Scotland. Here is the list:

1. Lagavulin 

– from Islay

– known as peat monster as well as Laphroiag

– competitor to Laphroaig historically.

– Lagvaulin was the agent for Laphroaig for about 50 years. Then change in Laphroaig policy made a change in this relation and to sell the products directly. It caused conflicts b/w two neighbors. At last Lagvaulin had to accept the independent existence of Laphroaig. However, the build Malt Mill the SAME as the Laphroaig distillery to produce the same product as Laphroaig.

– So, Malt Mill is in ownership of Lagavulin and now it is a part of this company so it doesn’t exist independently.

– regarding products, there are 12y, 30y and 16y.

– 16y as a Distillers Edition is recommended.



It’s a big name. The Macallan is in Speyside of Scotland. It’s a vintage 1998 that I’m testing. You find the picture below.

Macallan 43% 5cl 1998 vintage

But what’s online:

An independent bottling of 1998 vintage Macallan by Murray McDavid, who also own the Bruichladdich distillery, an explanation for why this was bottled there. It might also explain why this has a slightly crazy end to its maturation, being moved some time before bottling from a bourbon cask to a wine cask from Chateau Petrus, one of the world’s finest Bordeaux. This should be interesting – a wine finished, non-sherried Macallan…

But what I found.


– sweat, not peaty or oak

– fruity like wine

– surely in wine cast

– alcohol is dominant in 43% not a good sign.

– not vinegar

– apple and bananna

– lime


– smooth

– not complex

– need water

– half a tea spoon in 2cl is ok

– lime is clear and apple

– finish is lime

– not oak

– not peat

– wine

– not very hot

– not very sweat

– a little bitter

– really young whisky

– not amazing after finish

– about 80 out of 100

– not worth the name and price

– but a little of it has a good and strong effect makes you feel drunk 🙂 it’s better than Springbank and Rosebank


Let’s say it GREAT! Even after opening of the bottle you get this. Not even needed to put it in the glass.

Springbank 15y 46% 5cl


– I got plenty of good reviews.

– Just go to


Vanilla, earl grey, and seaweed meld into a quintessential seafaring whiskey.


– Very fantastic and fruity

– a little peaty


– hot not warm it’s hot

– shows the oldness of the wood

– one drop of water makes it better even not so much

– it’s sweat but finish is a little vinegar.

– 93% out of 100%.

– very tasty


– Springbank and Rosebank are very close to each other. If you add some peat and make it a little more strong Rosebank gets to Springbank. But keep in mind that the ending the used empty glass is just the same for either of them.

Okay, let’s get started for a real liquor 😉 I mean whiskey. first of all it’s better to know the name. It’s Rosebank 1991. You can see the picture below. It’s a small bottle. 

Without more explanation I go straight to the review. First, I give idea about it from online source then I’ll do it myself and the third step is conclusion. 




Nose: A direct flight straight to the cherished Lowlands. Floral notes of lavender, with honey and mild smoke, all lingering over a luscious lemon cheesecake. Lowland bliss. Plenty of cereal notes to enjoy as well, with banana bread and malted shortbread, all with a refreshing twist of sweet mint sprinkled on top. At this rate no plans to catch the return flight..

Taste: Here the fruit really comes out from behind the heather to reveal itself. Opal Fruits and Turkish Delight come galloping through the lavender, while the strawberries and raisins try to keep up in pursuit. With the fruits now bolted, they leave behind a more languid ‘Tiramisu’ of a gathering, with mild mocha, milk chocolate and toffee singing a ‘Ring A Ring O’ Roses’ (excuse the flagrant pun) joyously all together. Finally there’s some mild spice to accompany the warm cereal breeze of flapjacks.

Finish: Slightly short, however enough time to see the fruits come running back across the malted lavender, with the pears and blackcurrants tumbling a fig-roll bowling ball through the white chocolate, marshmallow and coffee bean ten-pins, sending a haze of sweet mint flying up into the summer air.

It’s a lowland whiskey. So it’s important




Rosebank 43% 1991 5cl


– fruity and sweat. 

– the color is bright it’s natural color.

– fantastic first nose.

– no trace of alcohol firstly,

– really a lowland whiskey

– deep sweat

– lovely

– no smokey or peaty stuff

– but oak is still distinguishable

– no water is needed it seems it’s smooth

– I’m in love with this whiskey

– it’s sherry stuff i guess no clue on the bottle but I think it is

– apple

– one small drop of water in 1.5cl


– smooth

– fruity

– warm and strong at the end.

– with water is less bitter

– finish a little bitter but nice

– more like a wine but strong

– with water oak is magnificently clear 

– very little smokey I can say no even

– that’s fantastic I give it 92% from 100%

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