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Famous Scotches

Based on the web there are some 10 famous whiskeys in Scotland. Here is the list:

1. Lagavulin 

– from Islay

– known as peat monster as well as Laphroiag

– competitor to Laphroaig historically.

– Lagvaulin was the agent for Laphroaig for about 50 years. Then change in Laphroaig policy made a change in this relation and to sell the products directly. It caused conflicts b/w two neighbors. At last Lagvaulin had to accept the independent existence of Laphroaig. However, the build Malt Mill the SAME as the Laphroaig distillery to produce the same product as Laphroaig.

– So, Malt Mill is in ownership of Lagavulin and now it is a part of this company so it doesn’t exist independently.

– regarding products, there are 12y, 30y and 16y.

– 16y as a Distillers Edition is recommended.



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