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It’s a big name. The Macallan is in Speyside of Scotland. It’s a vintage 1998 that I’m testing. You find the picture below.

Macallan 43% 5cl 1998 vintage

But what’s online:

An independent bottling of 1998 vintage Macallan by Murray McDavid, who also own the Bruichladdich distillery, an explanation for why this was bottled there. It might also explain why this has a slightly crazy end to its maturation, being moved some time before bottling from a bourbon cask to a wine cask from Chateau Petrus, one of the world’s finest Bordeaux. This should be interesting – a wine finished, non-sherried Macallan…

But what I found.


– sweat, not peaty or oak

– fruity like wine

– surely in wine cast

– alcohol is dominant in 43% not a good sign.

– not vinegar

– apple and bananna

– lime


– smooth

– not complex

– need water

– half a tea spoon in 2cl is ok

– lime is clear and apple

– finish is lime

– not oak

– not peat

– wine

– not very hot

– not very sweat

– a little bitter

– really young whisky

– not amazing after finish

– about 80 out of 100

– not worth the name and price

– but a little of it has a good and strong effect makes you feel drunk 🙂 it’s better than Springbank and Rosebank


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