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The first post is about this blog. This is going to be collection of my experiences as a beginner and amateur in the world of whiskey. The first point about the name of this miracle. I write hereafter whiskey in general. I don’t want to be specific about the difference in the spelling. For sure, those are concerned about this matter knows that American and Irish ones are called whiskey and the Scottish and other countries products are called whisky. But in this blog it’s not really important and I just use with-e one and consider you know the difference and don’t question me afterward 😉

The next important point is about the type of whiskey I’m going to talk. It really depends on the availability and the price. I’m student with very limited budget so please forgive me if you can not find consistency in the brands and types. The most important aspect of this blog is making a personal archive that is accessible for others as well. I hope I can show my passion for this miracle and be informative to you. That’s the main goal. Certainly, if you are seeking professional notes there are plenty of them out there in the internet. I put some links to those websites that cover more professional data in this blog. 

Nevertheless, I’m here to start a journey in this world of malt and whiskey. I’ll be glad if I have you with myself in company. All the best. 


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