Smile! You’re at the best site ever


Let’s say it GREAT! Even after opening of the bottle you get this. Not even needed to put it in the glass.

Springbank 15y 46% 5cl


– I got plenty of good reviews.

– Just go to


Vanilla, earl grey, and seaweed meld into a quintessential seafaring whiskey.


– Very fantastic and fruity

– a little peaty


– hot not warm it’s hot

– shows the oldness of the wood

– one drop of water makes it better even not so much

– it’s sweat but finish is a little vinegar.

– 93% out of 100%.

– very tasty


– Springbank and Rosebank are very close to each other. If you add some peat and make it a little more strong Rosebank gets to Springbank. But keep in mind that the ending the used empty glass is just the same for either of them.


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