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Okay, let’s get started for a real liquor 😉 I mean whiskey. first of all it’s better to know the name. It’s Rosebank 1991. You can see the picture below. It’s a small bottle. 

Without more explanation I go straight to the review. First, I give idea about it from online source then I’ll do it myself and the third step is conclusion. 




Nose: A direct flight straight to the cherished Lowlands. Floral notes of lavender, with honey and mild smoke, all lingering over a luscious lemon cheesecake. Lowland bliss. Plenty of cereal notes to enjoy as well, with banana bread and malted shortbread, all with a refreshing twist of sweet mint sprinkled on top. At this rate no plans to catch the return flight..

Taste: Here the fruit really comes out from behind the heather to reveal itself. Opal Fruits and Turkish Delight come galloping through the lavender, while the strawberries and raisins try to keep up in pursuit. With the fruits now bolted, they leave behind a more languid ‘Tiramisu’ of a gathering, with mild mocha, milk chocolate and toffee singing a ‘Ring A Ring O’ Roses’ (excuse the flagrant pun) joyously all together. Finally there’s some mild spice to accompany the warm cereal breeze of flapjacks.

Finish: Slightly short, however enough time to see the fruits come running back across the malted lavender, with the pears and blackcurrants tumbling a fig-roll bowling ball through the white chocolate, marshmallow and coffee bean ten-pins, sending a haze of sweet mint flying up into the summer air.

It’s a lowland whiskey. So it’s important




Rosebank 43% 1991 5cl


– fruity and sweat. 

– the color is bright it’s natural color.

– fantastic first nose.

– no trace of alcohol firstly,

– really a lowland whiskey

– deep sweat

– lovely

– no smokey or peaty stuff

– but oak is still distinguishable

– no water is needed it seems it’s smooth

– I’m in love with this whiskey

– it’s sherry stuff i guess no clue on the bottle but I think it is

– apple

– one small drop of water in 1.5cl


– smooth

– fruity

– warm and strong at the end.

– with water is less bitter

– finish a little bitter but nice

– more like a wine but strong

– with water oak is magnificently clear 

– very little smokey I can say no even

– that’s fantastic I give it 92% from 100%


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