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When I was looking for whiskeys in the liquor store, I saw Henessy there! What’s this guy? As a curious beginner I bought it in a 3cl bottle in 40%vol. I thought maybe it’s not a bad idea to start with a non-whiskey liquor but very close and similar one in color and vol 🙂

Hennessy Cognac 3cl 40%

Anyway, as you see in the picture it’s cognac. Frankly it’s my firs cognac so I thought maybe it’s better to start with this because I have experience with whiskey but not this one 😉 so forgive me for this post but I assumed there is nobody out there to follow me now. It’s a very new blog and I think It can be more personal at the first posts.

FIRST: what is online about this liquor. SECOND: what I found. THIRD: what I concluded afterward 😉 I am going to save this style in this blog for every review. Is it fair to adjust your mind before drinking it? I don’t know it’s good but as a beginner I need to learn to look for noses and tastes. In the next steps blind tests are regarded.

Now, let’s get started. What’s on the web? OK I’ll tell you.

It seems my Hennessy is the type of it that is called “very special” or VS. And it seems cognac is a drink for old guys who are talking about politics and smoking cigars. Frankly, I’m not smoker but I’m in to politics and about the age not so old to be called 😉 just 31y I think it’s OK to consider me a young buddy instead of those old professional drinkers. I don’t like to be drunk and don’t like drunk people so I prefer small portion of valuable drinks that give you aroma,  flavor and memorable tastes. Don’t be missed please. We are reading about VS Hennessy cognac.

This blend of 40 different eau de vie spends up to 8 years in French oak, giving the nose subtle sweet, vanilla, oak notes with a hint of grape. VS (Very Special) has a smooth entry and nice mouthfeel, with strong spice and hints of vanilla and oak. With a younger cognac like VS, Hennessy recommends drinking it on the rocks, with a splash of soda, ginger ale or cola, or mixed in a cocktail.


Now what I find. Please wait I want to try it. I drink it in a typical whiskey nose glass and in room temp  and without adding stuff to it. Just I want to add some drop of water after the firs tastes, like whiskey tasting to see what I can feel.

Nose 1 (from top of it):

– far from whiskey. I did not have this kind of nose in my mind.

– heavy, oily, some stuff that give you a greasy taste.

Nose 2 (nose inside the glass):

– good stuff, like it, something deep in it behind alcohol.

Nose 3 (swirling and twisting to see the legs as well)

– oak is not very clear to me. I think alcohol is dominant. I need to add some water in it to see what is going on.

Nose 4 (add water)

– room temp water. about one tea spoon for 2cl.

– now oak is clear. it’s getting lighter and warmer the odder is coming up.

– but not deep and sophisticated as whiskey normally is.

Taste 1 (tip of the tong)

– not bitter, smooth. warm and nice. But not fruity and tasty.

– finish is a little complex but just greasy as I said and a little bit bitter that is normal by the way.

Taste 2 (add more water)

– 2 tea spoon for about 2cl a little less 🙂

– odder is now moving freely.

– now vanilla is coming taste is coming.

– it’s now tasty in sense of wood. I can hear it now.

– frankly not very complex and special but a good drink It’s smooth and warm.


– just simply I like it.

– it’s not very deep and complex.

– it’s good and tasty if we have some water in it.

– it has a oily structure that I like it.

– finish is great especially if swirl it in mouth.

– good stuff. I give it 80% out of 100%.

– empty glass: nice odder of oak, smooth and warm.



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